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SDL Web Developer DXA eLearning 

This course is part of SDL’s Elearning Web Series and introduces a developer or technical user to the key advantages of developing with DXA. It simulates a pre-built environment created through SDL’s Digital experience Accelerator (DXA) delivering best-practice examples and methodology to accelerate time to market.

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Our courses

AutomationAdvanced Infrastructure

Participants: Application Developers

Course content: Different methods and APIs used to intercept and customize actions a user performs on the SDL Tridion Content Manager.

Prerequisites: Foundation training, Content Modeling, Modular Templating & Dreamweaver and Microsoft.NET Templating

Topics included:

  • SDL Tridion Event System
  • Creating custom activities
  • Workflow API
  • Core service and Web Services

Participants: System Architects

Course content: In depth training for the SDL Tridion Architecture

Prerequisites: Foundation Training and System Administration

Topics included:

  • Content Delivery and the Content Broker database
  • Object caching and advanced configuration
  • Performance & Scaling
  • DTAP
  • Content Porter & Data Migration
BluePrinting & AuthorizationContent Delivery

Participants: Business Analysts and Project Managers

Course content: Creating a BluePrint design and setting up an Authorization model

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • SDL Tridion BluePrinting overview
  • Matching a BluePrint structure for multiple websites
  • Implementing a BluePrint structure
  • Authorization models and best practices
  • Implementing an authorization model

Participants: Application Developers

Course content: Content Delivery Architecture

Prerequisites: Foundation training and Content Modeling

Topics included:

  • Dynamic Linking & Component Presentations
  • Architecture and Configuration
  • Querying for Content
  • Introduction to Ambient data Framework
  • Taxonomies and Explicit Personalization
Content ModelingFoundation Training

Participants: Business Analysts and Technical Users 

Course content: Structuring and designing content types using SDL Tridion schemas

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • Page types and content types
  • Taxonomies and faceted navigation 
  • XML Schemas
  • Dynamic content
  • Creating information structures using metadata and taxonomy

Participants: Everyone 

Course content: SDL Tridion Foundation provides an overview of all main features and functionality

Prerequisites: n/a

Topics included:

  • Managing a website, managing content, publishing pages, maintaining navigation, using WebDAV and SiteEdit
  • BluePrinting
  • Content classification and taxonomies
  • Content Manager and Experience Manager functionality
  • Introduction to Bundles and Bundle Workflow
  • For those new to working with SDL Tridion, this course is a mandatory prerequisite for all our other courses.
Functional Design TrainingSystem Administrator  (2 days)

Participants: Business Analysts and Project Managers 

Course content: Creating an SDL Tridion Functional Design to guide an implementation.

Prerequisites: Foundation training and BluePrinting & Authorization

Topics included:

  • Elements of an effective functional design
  • Defining business requirements, website navigation, templates, organizational items and custom functionality
  • Case studies and exercises
  • Dependencies and applications

Participants: Administrators and Database Administrators 

Course content: Installing, Configuring and Maintaining SDL Tridion

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • Installing, configuring and maintaining SDL Tridion
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Understanding high-level architecture
  • Defining maintenance tasks
  • Experience Manager, Outbound Email and Audience Manager
Modular Templating MS.NET Templating

Participants: HTML and Template Designers/Developers 

Course content: Creating SDL Tridion templates

Prerequisites: Foundation training and Content Modeling

Topics included:

  • Templates in SDL Tridion
  • Modular Templating
  • Template Building Blocks
  • Creating Page Templates and Component Templates using DW Expression Language

Participants: Template and Application Developers 

Course content: Developing SDL Tridion Page Templates and Component Templates using Microsoft .NET

Prerequisites: Foundation training. Content Modeling and Modular Templating & Dreamweaver

Topics included:

  • .NET Building Blocks 
  • C# Fragments 
  • Logging and Parameters 
  • .NET Assemblies
  • Debugging
SmartTarget (Technical)SmartTarget (Foundation)

Participants: Programmers and Developers 

Course content: Implementing SmartTarget

Prerequisites: Foundation training and SmartTarget Foundation

Topics included:

  • Implementing SmartTarget
  • Optimizing use to meet business requirements

Participants: Corporate Communication and Marketing Business Users 

Course content: Creating targeted Campaigns using SmartTarget

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • SmartTarget functionality
  • Creating targeted campaigns
  • Measuring campaign results

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