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Now available: SDL SmartTarget 2014 Courses

SDL SmartTarget 2014 Business Course

The SDL SmartTarget 2014 Business Training course prepares business and marketing professionals with skills to intuitively use SmartTarget to reach corporate marketing goals, meet customer expectations online and enhance the overall customer experience.

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SDL SmartTarget 2014 Technical Course

The SDL SmartTarget Technical Course is a hands-on introduction for developers and technical team members to SDL SmartTarget 2014.

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Below, you'll find a brief description of all the courses within our course portfolio. Take a browse through the many course options, or look at the course tracks designed for specific business needs.

Our courses

AutomationAdvanced Infrastructure

Participants: Application Developers

Course content: Different methods and APIs used to intercept and customize actions a user performs on the SDL Tridion Content Manager.

Prerequisites: Foundation training, Content Modeling, Modular Templating & Dreamweaver and Microsoft.NET Templating

Topics included:

  • SDL Tridion Event System
  • Creating custom activities
  • Workflow API
  • Core service and Web Services

Participants: System Architects

Course content: In depth training for the SDL Tridion Architecture

Prerequisites: Foundation Training and System Administration

Topics included:

  • Content Delivery and the Content Broker database
  • Object caching and advanced configuration
  • Performance & Scaling
  • DTAP
  • Content Porter & Data Migration
BluePrinting & AuthorizationContent Delivery

Participants: Business Analysts and Project Managers

Course content: Creating a BluePrint design and setting up an Authorization model

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • SDL Tridion BluePrinting overview
  • Matching a BluePrint structure for multiple websites
  • Implementing a BluePrint structure
  • Authorization models and best practices
  • Implementing an authorization model

Participants: Application Developers

Course content: Content Delivery Architecture

Prerequisites: Foundation training and Content Modeling

Topics included:

  • Dynamic Linking & Component Presentations
  • Architecture and Configuration
  • Querying for Content
  • Introduction to Ambient data Framework
  • Taxonomies and Explicit Personalization
Content ModelingFoundation Training

Participants: Business Analysts and Technical Users 

Course content: Structuring and designing content types using SDL Tridion schemas

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • Page types and content types
  • Taxonomies and faceted navigation 
  • XML Schemas
  • Dynamic content
  • Creating information structures using metadata and taxonomy

Participants: Everyone 

Course content: SDL Tridion Foundation provides an overview of all main features and functionality

Prerequisites: n/a

Topics included:

  • Managing a website, managing content, publishing pages, maintaining navigation, using WebDAV and SiteEdit
  • BluePrinting
  • Content classification and taxonomies
  • Content Manager and Experience Manager functionality
  • Introduction to Bundles and Bundle Workflow
  • For those new to working with SDL Tridion, this course is a mandatory prerequisite for all our other courses.
Functional Design TrainingExperience Manager & Workflow 2013 

Participants: Business Analysts and Project Managers 

Course content: Creating an SDL Tridion Functional Design to guide an implementation.

Prerequisites: Foundation training and BluePrinting & Authorization

Topics included:

  • Elements of an effective functional design
  • Defining business requirements, website navigation, templates, organizational items and custom functionality
  • Case studies and exercises
  • Dependencies and applications

Participants: Editors, Business Analysts, Designers and Developers

Course content: Business and technical users gain deeper knowledge of the various new functionalities of  SDL Tridion Experience Manager and Workflow 2013. The training includes demos and exercises along with best practices for defining BluePrints, security models, content types, page regions, and workflows.

Prerequisites: Foundation 

Topics included:

  • Inline editing
  • Creation of content using Experience Manager
  • How to preview & publish using Experience Manager
Modular Templating MS.NET Templating

Participants: HTML and Template Designers/Developers 

Course content: Creating SDL Tridion templates

Prerequisites: Foundation training and Content Modeling

Topics included:

  • Templates in SDL Tridion
  • Modular Templating
  • Template Building Blocks
  • Creating Page Templates and Component Templates using DW Expression Language

Participants: Template and Application Developers 

Course content: Developing SDL Tridion Page Templates and Component Templates using Microsoft .NET

Prerequisites: Foundation training. Content Modeling and Modular Templating & Dreamweaver

Topics included:

  • .NET Building Blocks 
  • C# Fragments 
  • Logging and Parameters 
  • .NET Assemblies
  • Debugging
Outbound Email (Foundation)Outbound Email (Technical)

Participants: Corporate Communication and Marketing Business Users 

Course content: Managing email campaigns using Outbound Email

Prerequisites: Foundation training and Content Modeling

Topics included:

  • SDL Outbound Email
  • Customizing and personalizing content
  • Measuring and tracking results
  • Contact and distribution lists
  • Creating email campaigns

Participants: Programmers and Developers 

Course content: Implementing and configuring Outbound Email

Prerequisites: Foundation training, Content Modeling, Modular Templating, MS.NET Templating and Outbound Email Foundation

Topics included:

  • Developing templates for emails
  • Adding subscription forms to websites
  • Tuning and configuring Outbound Email 
  • Architecture
  • Importing and exporting contacts
Workflow Design (available from April 2014)SmartTarget (Foundation)

Participants: Business Analysts and Application Developers

Course content: Creating an SDL Tridion Workflow Design to guide a multi-item workflow implementation

Prerequisites: Foundation, Content Modeling and Blueprint & Authorization training

Topics Included:

  • SDL Tridion Workflow 2013 concepts and functions
  • Workflow prerequisites and configurations
  • Documentation and diagram approaches
  • Recognizing different types of workflow
  • Workflow bundles
  • Manual and automatic activity tasks

Participants: Corporate Communication and Marketing Business Users 

Course content: Creating targeted Campaigns using SmartTarget

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • SmartTarget functionality
  • Creating targeted campaigns
  • Measuring campaign results
SmartTarget (Technical)System Administrator  (2 days)

Participants: Programmers and Developers 

Course content: Implementing SmartTarget

Prerequisites: Foundation training and SmartTarget Foundation

Topics included:

  • Implementing SmartTarget
  • Optimizing use to meet business requirements

Participants: Administrators and Database Administrators 

Course content: Installing, Configuring and Maintaining SDL Tridion

Prerequisites: Foundation training

Topics included:

  • Installing, configuring and maintaining SDL Tridion
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Understanding high-level architecture
  • Defining maintenance tasks
  • Experience Manager, Outbound Email and Audience Manager

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